Family Owned Since 1925!

Welcome to Weber's Boarding and Training School! Weber's Boarding and Training has been in the Weber/Horowitz family since 1925. Our love for animal care has been passed down for generations to us and our staff. Every member of our staff is a highly experienced professional, many who are pet parents themselves, who intuitively know what each dog's unique needs are. 

Our staff thoroughly enjoys petting, playing, and having contact with each dog at least eight or more times each day. We take each dog outside individually, which allows your dog to get to know and like our staff very quickly, and also allows our staff to give the dogs an expectation of love and praise. The human contact is nourishing for your dog, giving them a feeling of comfort and security with the people and their surroundings.

Because we control the exercise periods, we customize the care your dog receives. In colder weather, we can allow your Siberian Husky or Samoyed to be outside all day, but take your Dachshund or Toy Poodle outside for a more modest time period. And in the summer, when the northern breeds might suffer from heat and humidity, we can do the opposite. 

Our boarding facility offers spacious sleeping areas (8 x 4 1/2 feet, floor-to-ceiling), which are heated and air conditioned. All stalls are sanitized (disinfected) twice a day and more often if needed. 

If your dog is on medication, it is given on a routine basis by our staff, and we make certain the dogs swallow what is prescribed. We provide quality dog food and make certain the dogs have unlimited water to drink. 

We are the only boarding, training, and grooming facility with a full veterinary hospital as our neighbor. A veterinarian is available for our clients at all times. 

At the end of the day, caring for your pets is our number one priority!